Chacha Nehru And Childrens Day
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Chacha Nehru And Childrens Day

…enter the exhibition hall. The young girl of about ten years old was standing at the exhibition entrance to check the visitors of the exhibitions. She was instructed to allow only people with ‘Badge’ were to be allowed inside & as she saw Nehru Ji coming & noticing he wasn’t wearing the badge, she was reluctant to let him inside the exhibition venue & everyone around Jawaharlal Nehru was trying to convince the girl either by request or commanding. Nehru Ji asked them to stay calm & he agreed that the mistake was his & went back to his car & returned wearing the badge.

The girl allowed him into the exhibition after seeing the badge, Nehru ji was extremely happy with that girl & admired her seeing her bravery. He being a great leader would have entered into the venue without the badge, but he was a man of honesty & integrity. He didn’t get angry with the girl’s behavior but instead got pleased with her courage & discipline to follow her duties. This incident stands as a symbol of his integrity & love for children. Durgabhai Deshmukh was the young girl who stopped Nehru Ji. That’s why his birthday is celebrated as Childrens day every year in India.

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