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As she hops in, the driver asks her where she’s going. She gives him an adress, as she’s just arrived to town to visit family.

They keep going for a bit, when the old lady notices the very characteristic Mercedes-Benz ornament emblem mounted on the hood.

“So what is that thing for?” she asks the driver.

The driver sees this as a chance to prank the old woman for some laughs.

-“That’s a sight that I had installed so I can aim my targets better” he answers.

-“What do you mean by targets?” she asks

-“Well, you see that cyclist over there cycling along the road? Well I hate those cyclists so I’m going to run over him!”

As the woman gasps, he proceeds to accelerate and drive directly towards the unaware cyclist, but in the last moment he turns the wheel to dodge the cyclist. But there’s a loud sound that surprises the driver.

“What was that sound??” he asks.

“Well, you can say whatever you want about that fancy sight of yours, but if I hadn’t opened the car’s door, we wouldn’t have hit that goddamm cyclist!”

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