Escape The Bear
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Escape The Bear

Joe is telling his friend about his recent deer hunting trip to Montana. “We were out in the woods all morning and our guide decided that we should take a break along the river bank. I wasn’t feeling tired so I went for a stroll while the others were resting. As I was walking, a grizzly bear burst out of the brush in front of me.”

“A bear? What did you do?” asks the friend.

“Well, I turned and started running like hell through the woods with the bear after me. The bear almost caught up with me but slipped and fell down. I kept running and the bear almost caught up with me again twice, but slipped and fell each time. I finally reached the river bank. The guide saw the bear chasing me and shot it dead.”

“Wow!” replies his friend, “That’s incredible. If I’d been in that kind of trouble, I would’ve shit myself.”

Joe says, “What do you think that bear was slipping on?”

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