Famous Dave
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Famous Dave

Dave was always boasting in the pub. Once night he bragged to the crowd of drinkers that he knew everyone in the world. Sid the barman had had enough so challenged Dave to prove it.

“Ok,” said Dave. “£100 says I’m right then.” Sid took him up on the bet and booked flights to Hollywood.

There they made their way to the home of Brad Pitt. “Well hello there Dave buddy.” said Brad Pitt. Sid was taken aback at this but still determined to win the bet he booked a flight to Washington where they asked for an audience with the President.

“Welcome to the White house Dave my old friend.” said Joe Biden. Now Sid was was astounded but still had one more trick up his sleeve.

A flight to Rome brought them to the Vatican. There were thousands amassed waiting for a blessing from the Pope. Dave wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Then suddenly the Pope appeared on his balcony with Dave by his side.

Dave saw Sid faint among the crowd so sped down to see if he was alright. “What happened?” asked Dave.

“Well,” said Sid. “I saw the Pope come out with you and then someone in the crowd shouted. “Hey, who’s that up there with Dave?…….Here’s your £100.”

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