Screams of Agony
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Screams of Agony

The man looks puzzeled: “isn’t the choice obvious?”.

“I suggest that you tour the two places before you decide”.

The man agrees and st. Peter leads him to heaven. There he sees crystal blue skies and people sitting on clouds and playing on harps. St. Peter says: “thats not all. Every sunday god joins the band and he has the most magnificent voice”.

When they return to the pearly gates a little man with horns waits there. “Hey buddy wassup? I am Satan, but you can call me Stan. Come, I will show you hell”.

When they arrive to hell the man sees a lot of people dancing and having fun. Satan says: “look there, this is our bar. It includes every beverage that exists. And don’t worry” he winks “after all you are already dead”. Then he points towards a hallway. “You walk through there to reach the bedrooms. They are equipped with all the toys” he winks again.

Amazed he tells the satan: “I had no clue that hell will be like this”.

Satan winks: “yes, we have bad PR”.

Back at the pearly gates st. Peter asks: “so? Have you decided yet?”.

“Yes, send me to hell!”.

“Very well” says st. Peter and closes the book in front of him.

PUFF. The man finds himself in a middle of a wasteland. In the horizon he sees bolts of flames and he hears screams of agony around him. Suddenly he spots satan. He rushes to him and bursts in tears: “what is this? Where is everything I saw?”.

“Well, yesterday was election day. Today you already chose”.

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