Talk With the Cardinals
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Talk With the Cardinals

“Your Holiness,” the rep says, “I have an offer I think may interest you. I’ve been authorized by my company to offer the Church a long-term sponsorship deal worth $1.2 billion. All you have to do is tweak the Lord’s Prayer to read ‘give us this day our daily Wonder Bread.’ Do we have a deal?”

The pontiff replies, “My son, the Church could do much good with this money. But to potentially compromise one of the main creeds of our faith…I have to consult with my cardinals on such a grave matter as this.”

“I understand; it’s a big decision,” the rep says, handing the Pope his business card. “You talk with the cardinals and let me know if we can do business.”

The Pope nods solemnly and sees the rep out. Then he calls in all the cardinals. “Gentlemen,” he says, “We have a great question before us. When does our contract with Pilsbury expire?”

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