The Clerk
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The Clerk

He asked if they had a license and, when they didn’t, sent them off to get one.

They caught the town clerk just as he was locking up, and got the license from him.

When they got back to the judge, he pointed out they had filled the names in backwards — his where hers belonged and vice versa.

They rushed back to the clerk’s office, caught him again, and got another license.

This time, the judge noticed that the clerk had filled in the date in the wrong format.

Again they catch the clerk… After five reissued licenses, the judge is finally satisfied.

Judge: “I hope you appreciate why I made you keep going back. If there are irregularities in the license, your marriage would not be legal, and any children you might have would be technical b*stards.”

Groom: “That’s funny – that’s just what the clerk called you.”

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