The Loan
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The Loan

… process. Mrs. Black asks the dog, “What do you need the loan for?”

To which the dog responded, “Mrs. Black, I have a growing family, my wife is expecting a litter of 7 or 8 and I need space, so I must expand my house.”

Mrs. Black trying to work with the Dog says, “Please, we are not so formal around here, please call me Patty. And do you have any form of collateral to secure the loan.”

“Thank you Patty. I do have this.” The dog replies as he pulls out an odd device and sets it on the table.

Patty stares at it, picks it up, turns it over and says, “let me contact my manager, I have no idea what this is.” With that she picks up the phone and calls her manager who come over to see.

The manager looks at the device; turning it over and over, looking at it from all angles. After a long moment he sighs and says, “I see; this is a knick-knack, Patty Black, so give that dog a loan.“

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