The Tribe’s Camp
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The Tribe’s Camp

The three are brought in front of the chief. The chief stands up and faces them. “You three have trespassed into our territory and therefore must be punished. However, we are an honorable tribe and therefore we will give you a choice. Death…or kabunga.”

The first missionary had no idea what kabunga was, but he knew what death was. He proudly said “I choose kabunga!” The chief says “He chooses kabunga!” Suddenly, the missionary is surrounded by 10 gay tribalmen and they all have their way with him. Five minutes later he looked ragged and sticky.

The second missionary is horrified at what he just witnessed, but if he chose death, that would be the same as choosing suicide, which is against his beliefs. Therefore, he weakly said “I…..choose k-kabunga.” The chief says “He chooses kabunga!” Five minutes later, the second missionary was met with the same fate as his fellow missionary.

The third one knew choosing death was suicide, but he saw enough kabunga for a lifetime. He stood up tall, looked the chief in the eyes and said proudly “I CHOOSE DEATH!” The chief said “He chooses death! We shall give him death…by kabunga!”

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