Three Construction Workers
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Three Construction Workers

Three construction workers on a high-rise building are taking their lunch break on the girders about 40 stories up. The first one says, “I’m telling you, guys, every day, it’s a chicken salad sandwich. I’m sick of it. If I open my lunchbox and find a chicken salad sandwich in there, I swear I’m gonna jump.”

The second one nods, looking at his own lunchbox. “You know, I’ve been getting tuna salad sandwiches every day, and I don’t even like tuna salad that much. If I’ve got a tuna salad sandwich in my lunchbox today, I’m gonna jump, too.”

The third one agrees. “Yeah, I’ve been eating egg salad sandwiches since I can remember. If it’s egg salad today, I’m gonna jump with the both of you.”

Sure enough, the first worker opens his lunchbox and pulls out a chicken salad sandwich. He stands up and jumps off the building. The second guy pulls out a tuna salad sandwich from his lunchbox. He tosses it away and jumps. Finally, the third man opens his lunchbox, takes one look at the egg salad sandwich and jumps after them.

A few days later, all the men’s wives are at the funeral, obviously distraught and struggling to come to terms with what’s happened. The wife of the first man cries to her friends, “I don’t understand…all he had to do was tell me to make something else!”

The wife of the second man bursts into tears, saying, “I don’t understand…all he had to do was tell me he didn’t like tuna salad!”

And the third wife sobs and says, “I just don’t understand… he always made his own lunches!”

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