Three Legs Chicken
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Three Legs Chicken

A man was driving around the countryside in his new sports car, moving at speeds that bordered on unsafe. When checking his rear-view mirror, he noticed that a small object, followed by a trail of dust, was closing fast. His curiousity piqued, he slowed a bit to get a better look. As the object came into view, it was clearly a chicken. While the man watched in amazement, the bird whizzed by him. He checked his speed as this happened: Could it really pass him when he was doing 35?

There was no way a chicken was going to make a joke of his $18,000 machine.

He slammed down the gas pedal and went screaming toward the offending fowl.

He grinned with satisfaction as he passed it, but a few seconds later, he spotted it running even with him, staying in view. He studied the bird and noticed that it had three legs! This was really strange. Suddenly, the chicken zipped ahead of his car, took a sharp left turn and disappeared behind a haystack.

The man had to check this out. He spun his wheel and barely made the turn. As he came around the other side of the haystack, he had to stand on his brakes to avoid the farmer, who stood complacently chewing a toothpick and looking blankly at the car that nearly flattened him. The chicken stood nearby, not even breathing heavily.

The man got out of his car. “This your chicken?”, he asked.


“How is it possible that it has three legs?”

“Me and my wife, we raise ’em that way,” the farmer droned.

The man looked puzzled. “Why?”

“Well,” came the reply, “you sit down to dinner with your wife and a guest.

You like a drumstick?”

“Sure, but…”

“And your wife, she likes a drumstick?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Your guest might like one too, you reckon?”

Now it was clear. “Oh, I see!” He smiled. He couldn’t wait to spring this
on his friends.

“What does it taste like?”

“Dunno,” said the farmer, “never caught one.”

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