Too Expensive
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Too Expensive

“That’s a ridiculous amount,” the man said. “Isn’t there a cheaper way?”

“Well, the dentist said, “if you don’t use an anaesthetic, I can knock the price down to 30 pounds.”

Looking annoyed, the man said, “That’s still far too expensive!”

“Okay,” said the dentist. “If I save on time and simply rip the tooth out with a pair of pliers, I can knock the price down to 10 pounds.

“Nope”, moaned the man, “it’s still too much.”

“Well,” said the dentist finally, scratching his head, “if I let one of my students do it using pliers, I suppose I can knock the price down to a fiver.”

“Marvellous!” said the man. “Book my wife in for next Tuesday!”

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