Vampire Brothers
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Vampire Brothers

…You guys are always underestimating me. I’ll show you what I’m capable of.”

He flies off at 100 miles per hour and comes back 10 minutes later, his mouth dripping with blood. “Do you see that mansion on the hill up there?” he asks.

“ I just flew in, killed the family and drank their blood. Not even the servants were spared.” The two elder brothers nod their approval.

“ Not bad!” says the middle brother. “But sit down, young one.” The middlest vampire flies off at 150 miles per hour and comes back 5 minutes later, his whole face dripping in blood.

“You see this? I just went to the village by the river and killed every single occupant to feast on their blood in mere minutes.” The youngest vampire’s eyes are wide in shock.

Finally, the eldest of the vampire brothers yawns and takes a big stretch. “Now let your oldest brother end the night by impressing you beyond belief.” He takes off at a staggering 200 miles per hour, and returns only a minute later, his entire face and the front of his body completely soaked in blood.

“Dear Satan!” exclaims the youngest of the brothers. “What in earth have you done?”

“Do you both see that large oak tree off in the distance?” asks the eldest. The other brothers both nod earnestly.

“Well, I didn’t.”

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